What is a forever postage stamp?

Answer A Forever Stamp is a United States postal stamp that consumers can use to mail a standard first-class letter indefinitely. Just as the name suggests, a Forever Stamp is good forever, regardless of... Read More »

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What is the mass of a postage stamp?

The mass, or weight, of a stamp depends on the size and density of the stamp. To calculate the mass of a stamp, place several identical stamps onto a triple beam balance or on a balancing scale. ... Read More »

What was the cost of a postage stamp in 1993?

A United States Postal Service stamp cost 29 cents during the year 1993. The price remained at 29 cents until Jan. 1, 1995, when the price was raised to 32 cents by the U.S. Postal Service.Source:U... Read More »

What was the price of a postage stamp in 1987?

In 1987, the price of a postage stamp was 22 cents. The postage rate remained at 22 cents from Feb. 17, 1985 to April 2, 1988. The United States Postal Service increased the price of the postage ... Read More »

What was the world's first postage stamp?

The world's first adhesive postage stamp was the Penny Black of Great Britain and Ireland. Bearing a portrait of Queen Victoria, it was issued on May 1, 1840, coming into official service five days... Read More »