What is a forensic psychologist&psychiatrist?

Answer Forensic psychologists are called upon in court cases to give their opinions on the psychological nature of persons involved in a case. Forensic psychiatrists, however, are medical doctors and are ... Read More »

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What is forensic?

Forensics is the scientific gathering and analysis of evidence in assistance with the investigation of a criminal act. Specialized fields of forensics exist in accounting, engineering, chemistry, c... Read More »

What is a forensic odontologist?

Forensic odontologists--also known as forensic dentists--use their dental backgrounds to help assist with legal cases. In some cases, they work to identify dead people or help to apprehend criminal... Read More »

What is a forensic toxicologist?

Forensic toxicologists use their knowledge of drugs, poisons and toxins in legal matters. They work to find out if drugs are in someone's system and report their findings to investigators, or in so... Read More »

Forensic Discoveries?

Forensic comes from the Latin "forensis," which means used in a court of law. Forensic science analyzes facts and materials scientifically to produce essential information or evidence to help deter... Read More »