What is a forensic evaluation?

Answer Forensic evaluations are used to independently verify the claims of litigants. They vary in character and use, but they are always an investigation made by an expert into a core issue of civil and ... Read More »

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What is a forensic psychological evaluation?

A forensic psychological evaluation is a psychological test administered by a forensic psychiatrist in the service of the justice system. A forensic psychological evaluation would be used to determ... Read More »

Forensic Evaluation Training?

Forensic evaluation training is an exciting specialization in the field of psychiatry. Training programs in this field would include the theories and history of the field. Next would be the evalu... Read More »

What is the role of a job evaluation committee in job evaluation?

A job evaluation committee can be made up of a manager, members of a human resources team and even fellow employees. This committee's role in a job evaluation is to determine if a specific job is b... Read More »

What is performance evaluation?

The most common way managers evaluate employees is through a performance evaluation, which is an evaluation of an employee's performance and is based on the assessment of what was expected of the e... Read More »