What is a forensic entomologist?

Answer Forensic entomologists analyze bug activity on a corpse to help figure out the time of death. These forensic scientists also use the absence of bugs on a corpse as clues in a case.HistoryThe first ... Read More »

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What is the job description for a forensic entomologist?

Entomology is the study of insects. Entomologists are scientists who observe these insects in an effort to gain an understanding of their life cycles and behavior. A forensic entomologist is a spec... Read More »

What does entomologist mean?

Entomologists are experts in the field of entomology, which is the study of insects and spiders. Entomology is a branch of zoology. Entomologists study the history, evolution, anatomy, behavior and... Read More »

What is forensic?

Forensics is the scientific gathering and analysis of evidence in assistance with the investigation of a criminal act. Specialized fields of forensics exist in accounting, engineering, chemistry, c... Read More »

Forensic Art Training?

Forensic artists assist law enforcement officers in investigations by providing hand-drawn and computer-generated renderings of suspects and victims. Forensic art often allows investigators to make... Read More »