What is a forensic death investigation?

Answer During a forensic death investigation, forensic scientists use their area of expertise to figure out the circumstances surrounding the death. If the death is related to a crime, investigators use t... Read More »

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What is a forensic investigation?

Forensic investigators document and interpret evidence extracted from a crime scene. They then report their findings in an effort to solve crimes or gather information for use in a forensic investi... Read More »

What is forensic investigation?

During a forensic investigation, different areas of science are used to answer questions that are relevant to issues of law. Forensic scientists can work in cases that involve violent crimes or mat... Read More »

Different Forensic Investigation Methods?

Forensic science is the use of evidence to piece together information on a crime and find the criminal responsible. Police departments use several methods to investigate crime scenes.

What does carving mean in forensic investigation?

Forensic file carving refers to the practice of searching for and recovering computer data. Carving software is used to recover corrupted data from damaged hardware, to restore files that appear to... Read More »