What is a forensic auditor?

Answer Forensic auditors are professionally trained public accountants who use their expertise to investigate or uncover white collar crimes such as financial fraud or embezzlement.Basic RequirementsForen... Read More »

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What is the salary for a quality auditor?

As of June 2010, the PayScale Report states that quality auditors average a starting annual salary of $29,487 to $51,886. At one to four years of experience, they get $38,626 to $55,899 and at five... Read More »

What is the job of a medical records auditor?

Medical records auditors are administrative healthcare professionals who routinely review patient medical records. Reconciling those records with the detailed bill, this individual ensures that the... Read More »

What Is the Annual Salary of an Energy Auditor?

Energy auditors are responsible for conducting energy audits, or inspections, analyses or surveys of the energy flow of a structure, such as a home or commercial building. Their main duties include... Read More »

What is the average salary of an accountant/auditor?

According to data taken in May 2008 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for accountants and auditors was $59,430. The salaries vary depending on the employer, however. For instance... Read More »