What is a foreclosure sale?

Answer When a borrower defaults on several mortgage payments, the lender has the right to seek foreclosure. Foreclosure sale refers to a physical sale event at which a foreclosure property is auctioned. T... Read More »

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What is a tax foreclosure sale?

According to the Durham County, North Carolina Tax Administration, a tax foreclosure sale is usually an auction that is held for property that has been seized by a government entity in order to pay... Read More »

What happens after a foreclosure sale?

Foreclosures can be a sticky situation for borrowers and banks. It's important for consumers to know how a foreclosure sale will effect them for many years to come.Credit ScoreAfter a bank foreclos... Read More »

What are the definitions of short sale, foreclosure?

Short sales and foreclosures are two actions taken by people who are having trouble paying their mortgage. Each has many disadvantages and advantages.Short SaleShort sales is when a person sells he... Read More »

What does the sale date mean in foreclosure information?

During the foreclosure process, a Notice of Sale is issued. The sale date stated in this notice is the date when your property will be offered up for sale in a public auction.Source:County of Los A... Read More »