What is a foreclosure auction?

Answer When a borrower has repeatedly defaulted on mortgage payments, the lender holds the right to pursue foreclosure. Foreclosure auction, also known as foreclosure sale, is a scheduled event during wh... Read More »

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What happens after a foreclosure auction?

There are several steps involved after a foreclosure auction takes place. These post-auction steps range from the distribution of funds to the sale of the property and can vary by state.Auction Fun... Read More »

What Is a Silent Auction Foreclosure?

A silent auction foreclosure refers to a style of auction used occasionally for the sale of a property that has gone into foreclosure, leading to the transition of the ownership of the property.

What happens after delayed foreclosure auction?

When a mortgage lender or bank forecloses on a home or other property, the next step in the process is often a foreclosure auction or sale. Foreclosure auctions can be delayed, however, by due lega... Read More »

What happens after a California foreclosure auction date occurs?

Most of California foreclosures use the nonjudicial process, in which an appointed trustee oversees the public auction of a foreclosure property. In the period after a foreclosure auction, the bor... Read More »