What is a footling breech position?

Answer footling breech (in which one leg or both legs are positioned to enter the birth canal)

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What is a complete breech position?

complete breech (in which the baby's legs are crossed under and in front of the body)

What is a breech position of the fetus?

The term breech position refers to a fetus that is positioned in the womb in any other position than head-down. If the fetus does not turn prior to delivery, the baby's delivery is called a breech ... Read More »

38 week baby is in a breech position?

There is no escaping the fact that it is more dangerous for the baby to be delivered by the breech as the baby's head is supposed to go through the pelvis first as it is the widest part of the baby... Read More »

How can a fetus be prevented from settling into the breech position?

There is no way to prevent a fetus from settling into the breech position at the end of pregnancy. A woman who has had one breech fetus is more likely than average to have another.