What is a fly eating plant called?

Answer Answer The Fly eating plant is known as a venus Flytrap note the name "Fly" I hope this helped you.Kristina :~)The Venus Flytrap is endangered, and therefore might be hard for you to find.If you ar... Read More »

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What is this eating disorder called?

it's called bulimarexia (mixture between bulimia and anorexia)

Growing an entire new plant from part of the original plant is called?

What are the down sides to being eating a plant base diet?

Possible iron deficiency, since iron from plants is less absorbable than iron from meats, and some people have little ability to absorb it at all.Possible rise in grocery costs. Cheap meat goes far... Read More »

Bugs are eating little circles in my plant leaves. What are they How do I get rid of them?

HelloOk so you have random hole's showing up in your leaves. If they are in the being punched out and not eaten from the edges in then its most likely slugs It's not Aphids because you would alwa... Read More »