What is a fly eating plant called?

Answer Answer The Fly eating plant is known as a venus Flytrap note the name "Fly" I hope this helped you.Kristina :~)The Venus Flytrap is endangered, and therefore might be hard for you to find.If you ar... Read More »

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Growing an entire new plant from part of the original plant is called?

How do i plant the flowering plant called heather?

Planting HeatherRemove rocks and weeds from the garden. Cover the area with one inch of aged manure or peat moss and mix it into the soil with a tiller or shovel. Dig a hole large enough to accommo... Read More »

What is this eating disorder called?

it's called bulimarexia (mixture between bulimia and anorexia)

Types of Plant-Eating Insects?

Different types of insects eat different types of food. Some insects eat other insects, some feed on blood (such as the tick or common mosquito), some eat nectar from plants and some insects (like ... Read More »