What is a fluorescent light microscope used for?

Answer Fluorescent microscopes use filters to project light of a certain wavelength and isolate parts of cells and microscopic organisms. This technique allows scientists to better study their behavior. F... Read More »

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What is a compound light microscope used for?

Compound light microscopes are used to magnify extremely small objects such as cells. These types of microscopes can magnify a specimen 1,000 to 2,000 times its original diameter. Compound microsco... Read More »

What is used in fluorescent light fixtures?

Fluorescent light fixtures are typically made of a glass tube, whose inner surface is coated with phosphor. Either end of the tube features a coil, commonly made of tungsten. A small amount of liqu... Read More »

What element is used in fluorescent light tubes?

Fluorescent lights contain about 4 mg. of mercury. According to the EPA, the use of fluorescent lights helps prevent mercury from entering the air. Power plants emit 10 mg. of mercury to produce t... Read More »

Is quicksilver used in fluorescent light tubes?

Fluorescent lamps contain a small amount of the metal mercury, which is also known as quicksilver. Mercury atoms in conventional tube-shaped fluorescent lamps as well as in newer, compact fluoresce... Read More »