What is a fluke in the intestines?

Answer Intestinal flukes can inflict serious damage. These parasitic worms enter the body through foods or water and lay eggs inside the intestine, causing a variety of physical ailments.FlukesFlukes, als... Read More »

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What phylum is the fluke in?

The fluke is a parasitic flatworm in the phylum platyhelminthes. They feed on their host's tissues, cells, or blood. Some flukes live outside their hosts, but flukes that feed on humans are intern... Read More »

What do fluke fish eat?

Fluke, also known as flounder, live mostly on the bottom of the ocean floor. Young fluke eat zooplankton and small shrimp. Adult fluke go after whatever is convenient, usually smaller fish such as ... Read More »

What is a fluke fish?

A fluke fish (Paralichthys Dentatus) is a bottom-dwelling flatfish. Known best for its odd physical features--flat with eyes that rest on one side of its head--these fish are similar in taste and a... Read More »

What is a whale fluke?

Whales are majestic creatures of the sea. Whales usually have two flukes on their tails, and they use them to maneuver through the water.DefinitionThe tail of a whale has two pointed ends, or fluke... Read More »