What is a floppy drive used for?

Answer A floppy drive is used to read data from and to write data to floppy disks. A floppy disk contains a spinning platter with magnetic particles that change their alignment when triggered to do so by ... Read More »

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How do I change the drive letter on a floppy drive?

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7Click "Start", and then "Run". If you do not have a Run command, type "diskmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) in the search line and press "Enter". This will launch the Di... Read More »

Can you have an optical drive and a floppy drive on the same pc?

You can install a floppy drive and an optical drive in the same PC, providing that the motherboard has the appropriate connections for both types of drives. Although floppy drives have become less ... Read More »

Does anyone still use their floppy drive?

I did for a long, long time, but I just got a new laptop and it doesn't have a floppy drive. I actually really liked using them, though. I might get an external drive that plugs into the USB port. ... Read More »

How to Use a USB Floppy Drive?

A floppy drive is a drive on a computer that allows you to read and write to floppy disk removable memory. However, USB memory sticks have replaced the old floppy disk format because they can hold ... Read More »