What is a flock of buzzards called?

Answer A flock of buzzards is called a "wake." In certain parts of the United States, the birds are called vultures and are considered pests, particularly in rural areas. Buzzards are birds of prey.Source... Read More »

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What is a flock of hawks called?

Hawks are birds of prey, which means they are predators who hunt for and eat other animals to survive. There are many different kinds of hawks that range in size, strength and color. A group of haw... Read More »

If there is a gaggle of geese and a murder of crows, what is a gathering of swans called?

You can call a gathering of swans a bevy, a herd, a bank, a ballet, a whiteness, or a wedge. The designation of a wedge is most often used to describe swans in Eclectic C... Read More »

How do I tell female geese from male geese?

AutosexingDetermining the genders of geese depends on the type of geese you are sexing. Autosexing, the process of visually determining the gender of certain breeds of geese through coloration, mar... Read More »

How to Add New Chickens to a Flock?

Whether you are just starting a chicken flock or are a seasoned owner of many chickens, you need to know how to add new chickens to a flock. You want to avoid introducing disease and parasites into... Read More »