What is a flip book?

Answer Flip books are an example of early animation. The paper books are composed of sequential images that appear to move when "flipped" from cover to cover. The idea was patented in 1882 and came into p... Read More »

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What is flip book animation?

Flip book animation utilizes human vision and optical illusion to tell stories in a simple way. Understanding this art form, you will begin to understand how animation works.Before the Flip BookIn ... Read More »

Flip Book Instructions?

A flip book is a book, or series of pages, filled with images that gradually change from one page to the next. When the pages are turned rapidly, the images appear as an animation. Flip books are u... Read More »

Flip Book Projects?

A flip book is a collection of pages of images that the user is supposed to flip through very quickly in order to give the "... illusion of movement and create an animated sequence from a simple sm... Read More »

Flip Book Directions?

Flip books showcase a series of images that look like they are moving when you flip the pages from front to back or vice versa. Children often enjoy feeling like professional animators when they cr... Read More »