What is a flexible compressed work schedule?

Answer The United States Office of Personnel Management defines a compressed work schedule as full-time employees working 80 hours in less than 10 days for a biweekly pay period or part-time employees wor... Read More »

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How do you collect disability when i can't work due to compressed vertebrates in my back?

Yeah, Definitely you should be able to qualify.Sorry about the autism man... that must be a hard condition to live with.I have ADHD and OCD tendencies, thank god I can speak to other people in an i... Read More »

How to Help Teen Boys Find Good Flexible Part Time Work in Winter?

Finding flexible work in winter for teen boys can be difficult in very cold climate zones; many possible food service or cleaning accommodations options shut down over the colder months. This artic... Read More »

Do both parents have to work full-time to use a dependent care flexible spending account?

Answer If you are married, both parents have to work or one has to be a full time student. The amount that one can deduct for dependant care is limited to the lowest salary of each parent. If one p... Read More »

Can you run a flexible hose for the refrigerator icewater maker instead of copper tubing And how long can this flexible hose be?

Answer The hose can be as long as needed. The plastic line for ice makers is heavy enough and carries so little pressure that it is not an issue. One of the reasons for copper is to keep mice fr... Read More »