What is a flathead engine?

Answer A flathead is a type of vehicle engine that can be found in most domestic passenger-car vehicles prior to World War II. The distinguishing feature of a flathead motor is the head, which is a cast-i... Read More »

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Flathead Engine Identification?

Prior to World War II, the flathead engine, or L-head motor, was the most prevalent engine style used by automobile manufacturers. Flathead engines were also utilized for a number of other purposes... Read More »

Flathead Engine Performance?

A flathead engine offers a different level of performance than other internal combustion engines because its valves are positioned in the engine block.

Performance Upgrades for the Chrysler Flathead 6 Engine?

The Chrysler Flathead six-cylinder engine series was an L-head motor that was used in Chrysler vehicles from 1953 to 1960, and later used in applications such as airport tugs, baggage handling cart... Read More »

What do flathead catfish eat?

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, flathead catfish only eat other live fish. Young catfish eat worms, insects and crayfish. Adult flathead catfish eat carp, suckers, sunfish, largemouth bass a... Read More »