What is an LED flashlight?

Answer An LED flashlight has a light emitting diode (LED) for its light source. An LED emits light when charged with electricity. LED lights are more efficient, lasting longer and using less power than in... Read More »

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What is flashlight candlepower?

Flashlight candlepower is the light density focused at the center of the beam. Candlepower is often used to quantify how powerful or bright a light is. Candlepower can also be referred to as lumino... Read More »

What phone has the best flashlight?

The EVO 3D has 2 flashes, it is definitely the best

What is the flashlight that you can see through and it is kinda snakelike?

Well, depends. Using fiber optic technology there's an inspection camera.…They vary in price, but this is one of the least expensive.

What tactical flashlight uses double A batteries?

The Sentinel PL1-AA by Blackhawk Products Group is an example of a tactical flashlight using two AA batteries. It comes in black, with a weight of 3.88 ounces and a length of 6.3 inches. Maximum ou... Read More »