What is a flamingo?

Answer The flamingo is a type of large bird, which scientists sometimes refer to as Phoenicopterus ruber. A member of the Ciconiiformes order of birds, the flamingo is distantly related to storks, herons ... Read More »

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Flamingo Information?

The flamingo may be one of the world's most readily identifiable birds, with its stick-like legs and bright pink coloration. Many a lawn ornament has been cast in the bird's likeness, and there are... Read More »

What is the scientific name for a flamingo?

The birds commonly referred to as flamingos comprise five distinct species: the Chilean flamingo, with the scientific name Phoenicopterus chilensis; the lesser flamingo, Phoenicopterus minor; the J... Read More »

Can a flamingo bird fly?

Flamingos can fly once they've gathered enough speed on the ground by running. They launch into the air while facing the wind then flap their wings at a fast pace as they fly. Flamingos generally f... Read More »

How much does a flamingo weigh?

The greater flamingo, the most common of flamingo breeds, weighs an average 8.75 pounds (or 4 kg) when fully grown. Chilean flamingos, which are specific to South America, can weigh up to 16 pounds... Read More »