What is a fisheries technician?

Answer The job of a fisheries technician generally involves protecting, managing, developing and maintaining fish populations, for the benefit of both the environment and fisherman. Responsibilities can i... Read More »

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36(3) of the Fisheries Act?

Section 36, Subsection 3 of the Fisheries Act generally prohibits the dumping of deleterious substances anywhere in Canada where there may be water that is inhabited, or is usually inhabited, by fish.

Exploitation of Fisheries?

The exploitation of fisheries is a perfect example of the tragedy of the commons, by which a shared, relatively unregulated resource is overused because no individual user has any incentive to cut ... Read More »

The Effects of Fisheries?

Fisheries, or fish farms as they are sometimes known, are artificial pens where fish are raised in large numbers for the specific purpose of being killed and eaten. Fish farms have some benefits, b... Read More »

Who governs fisheries?

In the United States, the National Marine Fisheries Service within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration regulates the nation's fisheries. Many other countries have similar agencies ... Read More »