What is a first computer language to teach a 10 year old Be specific.?

Answer Assembly. If they can code at the machine level everything else will be easy.

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What is the best first computer language to learn?

When you say "for the web", I assume you mean with web pages. In that case, you might try these: • JavaScript • PHP • Perl • VBScriptIf you want an easy to learn programming l... Read More »

The Theories for Language Development in the First Year?

During the first year of life, a baby progresses from crying being the only form of communication to his first words. By the first year, usually the child will only speak a few words, but will be b... Read More »

When was the first computer language created?

A pioneer in the development of digital computers, Konrad Zuse designed the first computer language, Plankakul, in Germany in the 1940s, but publication of his language was delayed until 1972 due t... Read More »

How to Teach a 60-Year-Old How to Use a Computer?

While some 60-year-olds are proficient with computers, some older people may need help from their younger counterparts. If you start by teaching the most basic and common functions of a computer, y... Read More »