What is a fireplace flue?

Answer A fireplace flue is the vertical channel that extends from the top of the fireplace opening through the chimney. The flue is essential because it transports dangerous gases outside. If your firepla... Read More »

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Can you partially close fireplace flue when a fire is burning in fireplace?

You have to, or the fire is going to burn way too hot and not last very long. Depends on the type of wood you use also.

How to Close a Fireplace Flue?

A flue is the interior tube of the fireplace that extends all the way up to the top of the building and allows excess smoke from the fire to escape. Since it is essentially nothing more than a larg... Read More »

Can you use duct tape to fix a fireplace flue?

sure why not No, it will simply burn off and possibly start a fire. There is metal foil tape available that may solve your problem depending on what you are trying to fix. You may need to replace ... Read More »

How do you open an indoor fireplace flue damper?

Answer There are many kinds of dampers, depending upon how old the house is and the choice by the masons.Many dampers have a hinge on the rear and a handle that can be pushed or lifted to lift the ... Read More »