What is a fingerprint technician?

Answer Fingerprint technicians work for law-enforcement agencies such as the FBI and local police departments. They also investigate crime scenes by lifting fingerprints to identify suspects. In addition,... Read More »

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How do I become a fingerprint technician?

Fingerprint technicians are an important part of criminal investigations around the world. A latent print left on a glass, a weapon or any other surface, can help aid investigating officers in putt... Read More »

Why time Attendance fingerprint scanners can't take some employees fingerprint?

What is a fingerprint delta?

Delta is a triangular Greek letter. Fingerprints contain points that resemble this letter, often where two type lines diverge. If a feature contains no deltas it is called an arch. Fingerprint feat... Read More »

What is a fingerprint background check?

A fingerprint background check is used by employers to ensure employees' identities are real and have no previous criminal history.ConsentIn most states, employers must receive consent from job can... Read More »