What is a filtered plug?

Answer A filtered electrical plug is one that has some sort of filtering built into it to clean up noise that may be on the power. In cheap ones, it's just a capacitor and has minimal effect. In better ... Read More »

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Is tap water filtered?

Tap water is filtered before it is released for human consumption. The Clean Water Act of 1972 requires that tap water is tested frequently and cleaned to remove any substances that may not be heal... Read More »

What does"cold filtered"mean?

Cold filtering is a manufacturing process used as part of fermentation. It is especially common in the brewing of lager beer, where it sometimes becomes an advertising selling point. It is not clea... Read More »

Is pod coffee filtered?

A coffee pod is essentially ground coffee tightly packaged in a small coffee filter. Therefore, it is considered "filtered coffee" with no need for an additional filter in your single-cup coffeemak... Read More »

Can filtered water can cause cancer?

RO and UV are two totally different purification processes.Drinking water is not causing an increase in the cancer rates in your city. Municipal tap water is highly regulated and sampled. Private... Read More »