What is a fill light in photography?

Answer A light source that "fills in" or lightens shadow areas often created by the main light source without causing the main light source to "blow out" the highlights.

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What is the definition of Fill in Photography?

Fill In Photography is when you take a Photograph of an Object or Person in direct Sunlight, due to the Sun being behind the object/person it would cause a Silhouette photograph. so to remove the S... Read More »

What is bottom light in photography?

The spatial position of light refers to the direction of light relative to the subject. Assuming that the object is facing the camera, from where is the light striking the object? It can be any of ... Read More »

What is a two types of light in photography?

Natural Light (sunlight) and Artificial Light (flashes/studio lights)

What type of light is best in photography?

I would definitely say natural. Indoor/fluorescent light doesn't look very good in pictures, so natural/outside is by far the best. The best time to take pictures is early morning or early evening ... Read More »