What is a file permission error?

Answer Most of the time, computers increase our productivity and make things much simpler. However, when an error occurs, all of this productivity can grind to a halt while you look for a solution or work... Read More »

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What is a permission error?

If you're using a Mac, select the folder in which you're trying to save the doc, hit command-i, and set the permissions to let anyone read or write to it. Apply it to the contents of the folder.If ... Read More »

When I Try to Create a SharePoint Subfolder in Outlook 2007, I Get a Permission Error?

The SharePoint application is used by network administrators to create an internal corporate website. SharePoint websites contain document management features as well as project task lists. Because... Read More »

Im having problems trying to download adobe reader. an error message says i dont have permission ?

Make sure you are logged in as administrator or an administrative main account.

Problem attaching file that I scanned. I put extension of pdf. Error message file invalid specified. How to?

Most likely what you scanned was NOT saved as a PDF file.