What is a figure eight clavicle strap?

Answer Making a cast to cover the upper body is impractical; instead using a strap to support the shoulder area is the best way to heal an injury to the area. A figure eight clavicle strap is made of ligh... Read More »

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How to Braid a Figure Eight?

Are you learning how to braid? Anyone who has mastered a french braid or a dutch braid should try her hand at a figure eight hair braiding. Braiding a figure eight is easy and fun. A figure eight ... Read More »

How to Tie a Figure Eight Knot?

A figure eight knot is a quick and convenient stopper knot that is important but easy to learn. [1] It's the basic skill behind many more complex climbing and fishing knots (e.g., the figure eight ... Read More »

How to Tie a Double Figure Eight Loop?

The double figure eight loop is an advanced version of the figure eight knot and is far more versatile. It creates a loop that is useful for climbing, caving, and even decorating. [1] It's secure f... Read More »

What to do with a fractured clavicle?

Unless it has punctured the skin (which occurs in a very small amount of cases), the best thing to do - or rather, have one's doctors do, as a fractured clavicle would require a visit to the hospit... Read More »