What is a figaro style necklace?

Answer A figaro style necklace, most often worn by men, includes chain links of alternating long and round chain links. The figaro style necklace nearly resembles the curb chain necklace, in which the twi... Read More »

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Are all Figaro gold chains the same?

The name Figaro refers to the link style of three small chain links followed by one long link. All Figaro necklaces have the exact same link pattern. The only variation from one necklace to another... Read More »

What style of pizza is better, Chicago style of New York style?

I'm having deja moose! You know where I stand on that you need a fork and knife to eat is not pizza.

What style houses are the ones that are brick work on the bottom and black and white wood style on top?

They are known as 'Mock Tudor' in that they attempt to emulate some of the style of Tudor period buildings. For more information, follow this link.…Hope t... Read More »

What does'jca'stand for on a necklace?

Although there are several options for JCA as an abbreviation, when it is found on a necklace or other jewelry, it stands for Jewelry Crafts Association. The abbreviation is generally found on hand... Read More »