What did barney fife say was the hardest bird to trap in the wild?

Answer Yes it will but it will end on episode 95 but i think they will make a movie out of it but im not sure when

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What did Barney Fife say about Aunt Bea's pickles on the Andy Griffin Show?

The episode was called 'The Pickle Story' which aired in 1961. Barney avoided Aunt Bea's pickles and refered to them as kerosene cucumbers.

How to Play the Fife?

The fife is a cousin of the flute which has been used throughout history by various armies pre-19th century. Most often they were used in camp to signal daily duties, but they also played music whi... Read More »

How did Barney Fife die?

The late Don Knotts (July 21, 1924 - February 24, 2006) who played the role of Bernard "Barney" Fife died from lung cancer .

How to Join a Fife and Drum Corps?

Ancient Fife and Drum corps have been a tradition spanning hundreds of years. They were popular in the 30's and regained popularity for the bicentennial. If you're interested in playing fife or lea... Read More »