What is a fibroadenoma of the breast?

Answer A fibroadenoma of the breast is a benign tumor that is firm, painless and rubbery. Fibroadenomas have clearly defined edges and can usually be moved. If a fibroadenoma is present, it may get larger... Read More »

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What is the difference between breast tenderness when pregnant and breast tenderness from PMS?

Im sixteen years old and have found a lump in my breast...could it be breast cancer?

Hi Casey, ignore the few insensitive answers and try not to worry. It is not at all uncommon for young girls to have cysts, but you really must get it checked. Talk to your Mum about it and have he... Read More »

I want bigger breast...does mamonite or any breast enlargment pills work?

I've never heard of Mamonite but there's a natural home remedy that you can try that will firm up and give the illusion of larger breasts. Most of the ingredients you'll have at home so you wont' h... Read More »

Having serious breast pain while fighting breast cancer, normal or not?

Does she definitely have breast cancer? What kind of breast cancer? How far into her treatment is she? If she is experiencing breast pain then her oncologist needs to know and they can tell her ... Read More »