What does the idiom"fender bender"mean?

Answer The term "fender bender" came into common use in 1962 and describes an accident in which only the fender, the barrier that surrounds and protects the wheel well, was damaged. A fender bender now co... Read More »

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What Happens to My Insurance If I Have a Fender Bender?

Fender benders are minor vehicle accidents that often cause more headache than vehicle damage. Though minor, the insurance carrier will process your fender bender claim like any other claim. In mos... Read More »

How to Draw Bender?

Do you like the show Futurama? Here's how to draw Bender, the cool robot on the Planet Express.

How big is the bender ball?

The Bender Ball was created by Leslee Bender to provide another way to exercise the core and the abdominal muscles. The ball itself is an inflatable 9-inch ball used behind the back to add another... Read More »

How to Use a 12-Ton Pipe Bender?

The 12-ton hydraulic pipe bender is a simple hand-operated device designed to bend water pipe and heavy-gauge galvanized pipe. This machine does not employ a flexible mandrel to support the inner w... Read More »