How to Be a Femme Fatale?

Answer Femme Fatale styleFemme fatale literally means "fatal woman" in French. According to the movie Mildred Pierce, it can be defined as "the kind of woman men want...but shouldn't have!". Ever seen fem... Read More »

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How to Be a Glamorous 1940s Femme Fatale?

Have you always wanted to be the type of woman who is sultry, mysteriously sexy, vampy, and just ultra glam? Women like Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor epitomize this type of beauty.... Read More »

How to Be a Queer Femme?

A femme is a person who an identity in its own right. Being a queer femme means getting to know yourself, rather than dressing up a certain way: but clothes can also make the femme. The term femme ... Read More »

How to Use La Femme Cake Eyeliner Sealer?

Does it seem like your eyeliner is always wearing off, leaving streaks on your upper or lower lids? It happens to most women on a daily basis, leaving streaks and raccoon eyes. Using La Femme cake... Read More »

How to Make "Bonne Femme" Soup (Historical Recipe)?

A favourite soup recipe dating from the Victorian and Edwardian periods (U.K periods, but origins are likely earlier), it is another one of those old fashioned recipes well worth remaking.Bonne Fem... Read More »

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