If Garden Centres are also called Nurseries why cant a female gardener be called a Nurse?

Answer are garden centres breaking the law calling them self's nurseries when they sell adult plants.enjoy

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Is a jake turkey male or female?

A "jake turkey" is hunting terminology for a one-year-old immature male turkey--or more generally a juvenile male turkey. A jake looks like a small hen, but slimmer. You can tell a jake from a male... Read More »

Does a female wild turkey sit on eggs all day?

Female wild turkeys lay 10 to 12 eggs over a period of about two weeks. After the last egg is laid, she begins sitting on the eggs constantly to incubate them. She sits of the eggs for 26 to 28 day... Read More »

What is the turkey neck called?

The neck of the turkey is simply called the neck. The turkey does, however, have a red, pouch-like apparatus in the front of it throat that is called a wattle..Source:University of Illinois Extensi... Read More »

What is an herb called turkey rhubarb?

Turkey rhubarb is a root that has been used for thousands of years as an herbal remedy for digestion problems. It has a mild laxative effect that assists to ease constipation, but is chiefly used a... Read More »