Do female moose have antlers?

Answer Only male moose possess antlers, which they use to assert dominance during mating season. Antlers are comprised of living tissue covered in smooth skin, which develops from small bumps located on t... Read More »

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If Garden Centres are also called Nurseries why cant a female gardener be called a Nurse?

are garden centres breaking the law calling them self's nurseries when they sell adult plants.enjoy

What is a female postmaster called?

Female postmasters are called "postmaster," just like their male counterparts. While some people may call them "postmistress," "postmaster" is the official title. As of 2008, the U.S. Postal Servic... Read More »

What is a female beanus called, anyhow?

BeanetteBeanie-pieBeany-peanyBeaneshaMs. BeanBeanarillaBeanaphetteBeanillaBeanatunda if its for a "large" girl

What is the female of the giraffe called?

Female giraffes, which can grow to 16 feet in height and weigh up to 2,600 lbs, are referred to as cows. Male giraffes are referred to as bulls and baby giraffes are calves.Source:Animal Corner: Gi... Read More »