What is a female deer with antlers called?

Answer With very rare exceptions, caribou (also known as reindeer) are the only species of deer in which the females have antlers. Female caribou keep their antlers through the winter, while males shed th... Read More »

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What Species of Deer Has Antlers on Both Male & Female?

Although there are several species of deer, only the reindeer and caribou are species where both males and females have antlers. Caribou males and reindeer males start growing their antlers in Febr... Read More »

Do female deer have antlers?

Most female deer do not have antlers, with the exception of the female caribou. The caribou is in the order of Artioldactyl and is a member of the deer family. Domesticated caribou are known as rei... Read More »

Can female whitetail deer have antlers?

Male whitetail deer, scientifically named Odocoileus virginianus, grow antlers in the spring and shed them in the fall. Females of this species do not usually have antlers. Occasionally a female wi... Read More »

What is in the velvet in deer antlers?

Velvet is a hairy skin that covers growing deer antlers; it protects blood vessels, nervous tissue and cartilage. When the antlers are fully mature in late summer, the velvet dies and peels off.Sou... Read More »