How do I tell if a white duck is male or female?

Answer AgeSex the duck when it is two months of age or older. It is nearly impossible to sex a white duck younger than two months.The TailView the bird from the back. Drakes, the male duck, have curled ta... Read More »

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Why is it that despite the absence of duck in the sauce duck sauce is called duck sauce?

The pilgrim fathers were short on duck to add to their menu at the earliest thanksgiving observances. Thus to make up for this absence, in their wisdom chose to call duck sauce duck sauce.

How do i identify the male& female of the Rouen duck?

Bill ColorLook at the color of the Rouen's beak. Males have a yellow to green bill, females an orange bill.The TailExamine the tail feathers of the duck. Male Rouen ducks, like their mallard ancest... Read More »

If Garden Centres are also called Nurseries why cant a female gardener be called a Nurse?

are garden centres breaking the law calling them self's nurseries when they sell adult plants.enjoy

What is a duck's beak called?

A duck's mouth is called a beak or a bill. It has rows of fine notches along the edge. These 'lamellae' help the duck to grip its food so that it will not slip off.Source:Animal Corner: Ducks at An... Read More »