What is a favorite at your, dinner table?

Answer My fav is when I make italian food...Lasagna...egg plant parm...then my fav can be just a table with fruit, cheese, and let me add great fresh sweet corn on the cob..oh and seafood..all home cooked.

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What is your favorite dinner AKA what should I cook for dinner?

I suggest it's my favorite website I am literally on it daily. I suggest baked spaghetti and breadsticks or salad. Chili is cheap and yummy just serve it with crackers and cornbread.... Read More »

What is your favorite dinner.,at your favorite restraunt ?

crab legs anywhere i can get'em'' anytyme'' plus tea or water''

What are the rules at your dinner table?

We couldnt skip eating veggies just because we didnt like it. Each child could choose one food/dish they dont like, and they never had to eat that one.We had to stay and wait for everyone to finish... Read More »

What is your favorite dinner?

My favorite dinner is roast beef with a side of greens and mashed potatoes and gravy with a homemade roll. I make it for myself and invite my friends over.