What is a fault divorce?

Answer A fault-based divorce is granted after a court determines that a husband or wife has acted wrongly and caused the breakdown of the marriage. The most commonly used grounds, or causes of a divorce, ... Read More »

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Michigan No-Fault Divorce Law?

Michigan law allows for "no-fault" divorce. In a no-fault divorce, neither spouse has to prove that the other did anything wrong. Instead, the spouses merely have to demonstrate that the relationsh... Read More »

No-Fault Divorce in Massachusetts?

A "no-fault" divorce in Massachusetts is when a divorce is granted without the requesting party being required to provide evidence of fault of the other spouse. All states permit these types of div... Read More »

When was the no-fault divorce law enacted?

A uniform no-fault divorce act was prepared in 1970; by the end of the decade, nearly every state adopted the legislation.Source:Divorce Laws

When did the no-fault divorce law go into effect?

In 1969, then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan signed the first "no fault divorce law," which allowed a married couple to divorce even though neither party did anything wrong. The "no-fault divorce la... Read More »