What can you do to loose weight EXTREMLY fast like in a couple of days/?

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How do you loose weight fast?

Drink a lot of water. Workout hard such as running and weight lifting. But the real tell tale way to lose weight is to adjust your diet. Eat less junk food, learn portion controls and more protein ... Read More »

How to loose weight fast?

Before you start,ask yourself this: Do i really want to lose weight and become healthier and more attractive?" Are you ready to sacrifice your time, and junk food, to become a healthier person? Is ... Read More »

Any fast ways to loose weight?

1. Weight Watchers (works for some)2. Only eat when you're hungry (don't eat too much though)3. Be healthy all week long and have little then on the week end eat things you were craving (works for ... Read More »

How to loose weight fast from my stomach?

Cycling, abdominal exercises, dorsal raises. Squats, Kettal ball exercises. Don't have to use a kettle ball. Any weight will do (that you can keep hold of). When cycling, be safe and be seen. Hi-vi... Read More »