What does blunder mean?

Answer Blunder is a noun that means a grievous error, typically due to bewilderment, surprise or ignorance. Blunder can also act as a verb, meaning to move about stupidly or without direction.References:F... Read More »

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Is Wearing Argyle Socks With My Lime Green Plaid Polyester Leisure Suit A Fashion Faux Pas?

Honey, In Kentucky you would be considered the, "cat's meow". I say wear the argyle socks. It will make you look not only fashionable but sporty. Kind of like a Tiger Woods , "cat's meow". :)Ha... Read More »

What happens to clothes that are used at fashion shows by models Do they bin it after the fashion shows?

The samples used in fashion shows are also used before the show for "look books" photography, magazine editorials and advertising. After the show they travel to trade shows where retail buyers can... Read More »

Do you think Kyle Sandilands' latest blunder should be the final straw?

what people don't understand is that that's HIS job to offend people and be blunt about everything. I like him because he has the balls to say things that nobody else has EVER said & never had the ... Read More »

What is faux fur?

Faux fur is fake fur--a synthetic, fur-like material. The word "faux" comes from the French word meaning "false."HistoryFaux fur made from alpaca hair was introduced in 1929 as an inexpensive subst... Read More »