Is Wearing Argyle Socks With My Lime Green Plaid Polyester Leisure Suit A Fashion Faux Pas?

Answer Honey, In Kentucky you would be considered the, "cat's meow". I say wear the argyle socks. It will make you look not only fashionable but sporty. Kind of like a Tiger Woods , "cat's meow". :)Ha... Read More »

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What does blunder mean?

Blunder is a noun that means a grievous error, typically due to bewilderment, surprise or ignorance. Blunder can also act as a verb, meaning to move about stupidly or without direction.References:F... Read More »

Do you think Kyle Sandilands' latest blunder should be the final straw?

what people don't understand is that that's HIS job to offend people and be blunt about everything. I like him because he has the balls to say things that nobody else has EVER said & never had the ... Read More »

In one word describe your fashion style/fashion-sense!?

Differences Between Fashion Designing & Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion designing and fashion merchandising are two related but different fields. Both require a deep knowledge of fashion trends. However, fashion designing focuses primarily on creating clothes t... Read More »