I ordered a item from Spencers and choose fedex smartpost and i went online and tracked my item and it said it?

Answer Fedex gives many packages for residential customers to deliver. Your mailman should deliver it. First, go on the USPS tracking site, and enter your number. It may not have gone out yet. If it s... Read More »

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Your house is burning. You only have time to take one item of clothing, one food item and anything else.?

i would take a dress, my bag (which has makeup, all of my pics, etc...) and cheerios .!

Who Was the Famous Person Who Invented Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone in the body that is necessary to regulate energy and glucose metabolism. It was not invented but was discovered by Frederick G. Banting and Charles H. Best. According to The Ma... Read More »

I washed and dried a dry clean only item item is it ruined?

Your best hope is to take the dress to a reputable dry cleaner. A professional might be able to fix the dress. I would not try any remedies on silk.-

Which of the following famous fine art photographers invented the Zone system?