What is a family law court subpoena?

Answer A family law court subpoena is a court order that commands the subpoenaed person to appear for testimony or to provide copies of written documents.FunctionFamily law courts are used to compel witne... Read More »

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How to Become a Family Court Judge?

Judges make important legal decisions that affect the lives of many people. Family court judges in particular must make very difficult decisions in cases that are frequently highly charged emotiona... Read More »

What is a family court restraining order?

A family court restraining order may be issued to a complainant who can make a compelling argument that she is the victim of domestic or family-related violence, according to the Los Angeles Superi... Read More »

What Constitutes Contempt of Court in Family Law?

Family court can be a contentious environment that leads to contempt litigation. Failure to pay child support and possession and access are the two main issues that may lead to a contempt action in... Read More »

What does disposed case mean in family court?

A case is 'disposed of' when it reaches the stage when the judge renders his final decision