What is a fake handle called?

Answer A fake "handle" could be a fake name, an alias

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What is a knife handle called?

The handle of a knife is called the hilt. According to Galati International, the knife hilt includes "entire handle including the pommel, butt cap and the guard." The knife pommel refers to the ver... Read More »

What are fake contractions called?

There are no "fake contractions," except when women pretend to be in labor. There is false labor, which is contractions (usually mild and irregular) which do not change the cervix. (Labor is define... Read More »

What is fake grass called?

Fake grass is called artificial turf or synthetic turf. It comes in many shades, colors and textures. Some varieties are better suited for dog runs or playgrounds, and other varieties are best for ... Read More »

What are fake diamonds called?

Fake diamonds, also known as simulated diamonds or diamond simulants, are usually cubic zirconia. Other simulated diamonds are Moissanite, glass, crystal, white sapphire or quartz. True synthetic o... Read More »