What is a fair market valuation report?

Answer Fair market value refers to the price that a property would be sold to a willing buyer from a willing seller--the type of transaction that would occur between two unrelated parties. Fair market val... Read More »

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What is fair market value in the stock market?

Fair market value in the stock market is the price that an interested buyer would be willing to spend and an interested seller would be willing to accept on the open market, according to InvestorWo... Read More »

What does fair market value mean?

According to, an online glossary of investment and finance terminology, the fair market value is the amount of money a willing buyer would pay and a willing seller would accept on... Read More »

What does the fair market value of a car mean?

The fair market value means the price that a person can fetch in an open and fair transaction. Determining the actual fair market value of car can be difficult because it requires a personal assess... Read More »

What is a property's fair market value according to the IRS?

The IRS defines fair market value of property for the purposes of taxation. Most often this is determined for charitable contributions, as taxpayers can deduct the fair market value of property don... Read More »