What is a facebook edit Read discription, You will see what I mean?

Answer Edit just means a video edit (taking video clips (in this case of "the group" dancing) and editing them to make a video, it has nothing to do with facebook.

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Facebook people can read your personal messeges please read!?

Hi again,As I told you this is not normal, whether you are posting in the wall and believe you're PMing your friend, whethter someone has your password.However, as you said it is on your iPod, your... Read More »

How to Edit Read-Only Files in

Documents downloaded from websites or emails often are in read-only format, which means that they cannot be edited. This can be a bit confusing at first, especially if you are viewing the document ... Read More »

What would be the job discription of a 'Pre-Primary Coordinator'?

I suggest that she goes to the school to look at the posting. If it is not clear often the Secretary will have a copy of the job description. Have your wife find out who to send the application to,... Read More »

How Do I Edit a Read-Only Part of a Microsoft Word Document?

If your Microsoft Word document is read only, then it may have been password protected to prevent you from modifying it. Microsoft Word's password protection doesn't just apply to the whole documen... Read More »