What major event happened at NASA when JFK was president?

Answer he was assinated

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Have you ever been underdressed or overdressed for an event What happened How did you feel?

Yes I have. Two days ago I went to a party (In my display picture is before the party) when I got there all the girls were in shorts, nike air max and little tops that go across your boobs. I felt ... Read More »

What is the biggest massacre event in the history of Cuba?

The biggest massacre in the history of Cuba took place in Caonao, near Camaguey. When the Spanish arrived at the town in 1502, they killed everyone who was there to welcome them. The people who man... Read More »

What was the most devastating extreme weather event in history?

According to David Crossley, professor of Geophysics, the worst weather event in history was a global climate change. This happened around 3000 BC and had a great impact on the sea level, the Earth... Read More »

What are some disasters that have happened in history of NASA?