What are some disasters that have happened in history of NASA?

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Can you go to an 18+ event (eg. concert), given that you turn 18 that year?

I don't know how it is in Australia but it definitely means you have to wait until you're actually 18 years old to do all that stuff. However, I went to a concert once when I was 17 and my friend w... Read More »

In the episode Bloodshot Jane mentions that he believes there was a traumatic event in VanPelt's past Do we ever learn what happened in VanPelt's past on The Mentalist?

Yes tonight's show (3/16/11), which is directed by the Gube, by the way, is Prentiss's last show. And don't worry, she doesn't die.

What major event happened at NASA when JFK was president?

Have you ever been underdressed or overdressed for an event What happened How did you feel?

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