What is a euro pillow top?

Answer A euro pillow-top mattress is similar to a traditional pillow top in that it has padding along the top. However, where a traditional mattress has a gap between the mattress and the cushion, this sa... Read More »

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What is euro top&pillow top on mattresses?

Both pillow top and euro top mattresses include a soft padding on top of the mattress. The differences lie mainly in the way the soft padding is attached to the main body of the mattress.Pillow Top... Read More »

What is a euro pillow top mattress?

The euro pillow top mattress is another version of the popular plush pillow top mattresses that are currently available to consumers. The difference between a euro pillow top and a standard pillow... Read More »

What size is a euro pillow?

A European pillow measures 26 inches by 26 inches, though widths may vary due to fullness. These large, square pillows often adorn beds as a decorative accent with a European sham as a cover.Source... Read More »

What is the difference between Euro top& pillow top mattresses?

The difference between a pillow top and a Euro top mattress is very slight. A pillow top has a piece of soft padding on top of the mattress, which has a gap between the padding and the mattress. Th... Read More »