How to Draw an Equilateral Triangle?

Answer Anybody can draw a triangle. But what if you need a super-exact triangle with three equal sides? Here's how to make one:

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How to Find X in an Equilateral Triangle?

Triangles are geometric shapes with three sides. An equilateral triangle has three sides that are equal in length to one another, and the three angles created by the intersecting sides are equal. I... Read More »

How to Circumscribe an Equilateral Triangle?

Triangles are closed two-dimensional figures that have three sides and three angles. They vary in type depending on the proportion of the sides. When none of the sides is the same, you have a scale... Read More »

How to Calculate an Equilateral Triangle From Height?

An equilateral triangle is a three-sided shape where all three sides are the same length and all three angles are congruent, each measuring 60 degrees. The formula for the area of a triangle is the... Read More »

How to Solve the Points of an Equilateral Triangle?

As students progress in geometry classes, they will find that the problems become harder - not necessarily because the concepts are harder themselves, but rather because they involve combining a se... Read More »