What is a dynamic link library?

Answer A dynamic link library (DLL) is a package of mini-programs that perform specific tasks needed by other programs. Microsoft coined the phrase for use with its Windows and OS2 operating systems.Conte... Read More »

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How to Fix The "Dynamic Link Library Binkw32.dll Could Not Be Found" Error?

The “Binkw32.dll” file is a component for the BINK video codec and a system file designed to help play video movies within software applications such as games. Sometimes, when you are attemptin... Read More »

How to Embed a Date in a Dynamic HTML Text Link?

JavaScript lets you dynamically write text to elements in your Web pages. You can add a date to a link by placing a "div" HTML tag within your link tags. This lets you retrieve the current date fro... Read More »

The procedure entry point_GrannyFixupFileSection@1… could not be located in the dynamic link granny2.dll?

You probably have an old version of the dll. You probably need the latest version.

Write an interactive program in C language to manage a Library information system. Maintain a library catalog?

Try this :Library Management System in c…