What is a dynamic link library?

Answer A dynamic link library (DLL) is a package of mini-programs that perform specific tasks needed by other programs. Microsoft coined the phrase for use with its Windows and OS2 operating systems.Conte... Read More »

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How to Fix The "Dynamic Link Library Binkw32.dll Could Not Be Found" Error?

The “Binkw32.dll” file is a component for the BINK video codec and a system file designed to help play video movies within software applications such as games. Sometimes, when you are attemptin... Read More »

How to Embed a Date in a Dynamic HTML Text Link?

JavaScript lets you dynamically write text to elements in your Web pages. You can add a date to a link by placing a "div" HTML tag within your link tags. This lets you retrieve the current date fro... Read More »

The procedure entry point_GrannyFixupFileSection@1… could not be located in the dynamic link granny2.dll?

You probably have an old version of the dll. You probably need the latest version.

Transfering music from Itunes Library to Sonic Stage Library?

Simple Steps: 1- Open iTunes > Music (On your Right Side) > Highlight All Songs by Simple Clicking on the first Song of the list then Hold "Shift" and Simple Click on the last song > Right Click a... Read More »