What is a dry cough?

Answer A cough is a reflex that protects your airway, and helps clear your lungs and throat of irritants such as cigarette smoke. A dry cough is nonproductive, meaning it doesn't produce mucus or phlegm.T... Read More »

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Do cough drops make you cough more?

yes that is the entire purpose of the cough drop industry, to make you cough more, Joey.

What can i do to get rid of a cough?

if its a wet cough(really loud and alot of mucus)you should drink something spicy 2 burn out the cold. If it's a dry cough(quiet and annoying) u should just drink warm things. That should. Hope U f... Read More »

What do I take for a dry cough?

Coughs can be dry or productive. Productive coughs help clear mucus and congestion from your throat and lungs. Dry coughs occur when there is no mucus through the airway, throat or chest. If persi... Read More »

What is kennel cough?

Kennel cough is an upper-respiratory infection, not unlike a bad chest cold, that is highly contagious and affects many dogs at some point in their lives. Prevention and immediate treatment are cri... Read More »